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Blind Tasting: Sunday lunch with Piers

This week a prize for the person who can correctly attribute the following quotations to their respective authors.  Which is the work of Michael Broadbent, octogenarian auctioneer of Christie’s fame and monthly columnist for Decanter, famed for cornering the market … Continue reading

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Recipe: Bream baked in paper

There’s nothing original at all in this recipe, but it is still one of my favourite preparations for fish and worth sharing for that reason alone.  Very easy, but some care required in assembling the paper bag and getting the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Kohlrabi soup with sweetbread fritters

One of the many idiosyncrasies of the Australian/English/American composer and pianist Percy Grainger was that when composing, he eschewed the traditional Italian directions on his scores (“allegro”, “rallentando” etc), in favour of English (“fast”, “slow off” etc).  This looks weird … Continue reading

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Recipe: Pigeon with lentils

  Today, the first of a bunch of recipes “for one”.  This is because recipes for one are often a bit difficult to come by, I often cook for one (i.e. me) so therefore have plenty of them to share, … Continue reading

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Omelette Odyssey 1: thyme and pecorino cheese

Have you read Imperial Palace?  Thought not.  Its author, Arnold Bennett, wrote it while staying at the Savoy Hotel in London and he is more famous for the eponymous omelette that the chefs there perfected for him during his stay … Continue reading

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Wine: You are what you drink

Only 3 posts in, and already I’m re-hashing old stuff.  My excuse is that at a dinner party tonight I had great difficulty explaining the “brow” system to some skeptical friends.  So, for their edification, and yours, an (only slightly) … Continue reading

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