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News: Study shows Emperor actually wearing clothes

The recent study Wine Expertise Predicts Taste Phenotype has concluded that wine experts taste differently to the rest of us (or the rest of you, depending on how much credit you want to extend to me).  That is to put … Continue reading

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Recipe: Black pudding pasties

I had a bit of a light bulb moment the other day.  I was flipping through Niki Segnit’s fabulous Flavour Thesaurus, reading how the author delights in the combination of black pudding and onion, which she claimed works well in … Continue reading

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In which I weigh in on the whole “natural wine” thing

For a wine to be good, it is neither necessary nor sufficient that it be a so-called “natural wine”.  That is the twitter-length version of this post and if you get it, you may stop reading.  I invite you to … Continue reading

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