In which my work is published on a real website

A couple of weeks ago Jancis Robinson (the eminent wine critic) asked me to help out with sought contributions from amateurs for her website’s restaurant column while Nick Lander, the usual restaurant critic, was away recovering from surgery.  So I threw my hat in the ring and, who’da thunk it, she has published what I wrote.  The most immediate advantage of this state of affairs is that it means I don’t have to think of anything to write this weekend.  Instead you can read my thoughts about how to decide where to eat based upon such things as light bulbs and the use of adjectives on menus here.

Co-incidentally, this week sees the release of Tyler Cowan’s “An Economist Gets Lunch” – similar sort of themes but from an economist’s point of view.  The Atlantic contains a sneak peek of some of his views, most of which I understand but a couple of which I profoundly disagree with, and might share my thoughts on if I get around to it.

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