A Cocktail for Summer

watermelonWine, gin and tonic.  That’s what I drink.  Wine when I’m the one supplying it (or I’m somewhere I can trust), gin and tonic if not, or as an aperitif, or if it’s before 11.00am.  Don’t do beer except in batter or pies, don’t really do scotch unless pressed, certainly no American whiskies, vodkas and so on.  When you look at it that way, I’m practically dry.  And as much as I like to think you can always find the right wine for an occasion, sometimes there’s just nothing for it and you just have to have a long, cool drink of some sort, especially in the heat we’ve been having lately, and the G&T can get kind of repetitive.  My closest grocery shop is a Bangladeshi (?) cash and carry that does plenty of things badly and just as many other things well.  One of the latter is the watermelons.  They donate a few for our annual street party to stop us complaining about their wheeling mutton carcasses around the neighbourhood in shopping trolleys.  It’s only possible to buy them whole so we’ve had to find extra uses for them (the watermelons, that is, not the mutton).  Here’s a very welcome cocktail, whether or not you include the gin.

Rahim Brothers Special Watermelon Highball

Pour the contents of a can of ginger beer into a blender.  Switch it on and chuck in chunks of watermelon to taste – about 200g gives the consistency I like.  Place a few ice cubes in a highball glass.  Add a dash of orange bitters if you like.  Pour in 30mL of gin.  Top up with the watermelon/ginger beer mix.  Stir, and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Makes 2

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