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Recipe: Rabbit and black olive pie

About 10 years ago I ate a rabbit and black olive pie at a now defunct Greek restaurant called Omega in Sydney.  I was reminded of it recently when eating in a different Greek restaurant that had the same thing … Continue reading

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Review: The Stepney City Farm and Pals

Where do you stand on the issue of farmers’ markets?  Some years ago they became the bougie foodie’s only place to shop.  You could just sense the smugness from the Bugaboo set with their hessian bags walking down to a … Continue reading

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Review: The Albert Square Chop House

One of the many ways you can bifucate the world of restaurants is to divide them into those with and those without overtly descriptive parts to their names.  So, “Le Gavroche”, for example, versus “Romano’s Ristorante Italiano“.  What can the … Continue reading

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A Cocktail for Summer

Wine, gin and tonic.  That’s what I drink.  Wine when I’m the one supplying it (or I’m somewhere I can trust), gin and tonic if not, or as an aperitif, or if it’s before 11.00am.  Don’t do beer except in … Continue reading

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Review: The Fish and Chip Shop

Given that fish and chips is the national dish (curry aside, of course), you would expect it to be plentiful and of high quality in the capital.  Not so. Plentiful it may be, but the quality is not as wide … Continue reading

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A fine loaf of bread

The fact that I’ve jumped on board the baking bandwagon probably suggests we’re nearing the end of the ride.  But as a pretty competent home cook (if I do say so myself) I have to wonder if this particular trend … Continue reading

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Wine: On Expertise (again)

Perhaps a journalist out there can tell me: does each publication have a list on the wall of tried and trusted non-stories that can be dusted off and reliably ventilated whenever it’s a slow news day?  You know the stuff: … Continue reading

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