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Too good to drink

For any given wine on the market you can do one of four things, which are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive: Buy it and drink it; Buy it and not drink it; Not buy it, but drink it (a category … Continue reading

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Wine: A Vertical Tasting of Chateau Pontet-Canet

Chateau Pontet-Canet is one of the better known classed growth properties of Bordeaux’s Medoc region because of its noted surge in quality over the last several years.  When the best Medoc producers were classified into 5 bands in 1855 (a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Spiced Mutton Pie

It is of course traditional to eat “spring” lamb at Easter.  It has also become traditional each Easter for the bougie food press to point out that spring lamb is not in fact seasonal for eating in spring.  Spring lamb … Continue reading

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Recipe: Duck and Rabbit Rillettes

Some supernatural force must have been trying to tell me something.  Moving house last week I found the following, emptying the fridge and freezer: a duck leg, 3 rabbit legs, and a jar of duck fat left over from a … Continue reading

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Wine: Fox Creek Vixen

It’s almost Christmas and the food and wine press is brimming, as always, with “how to” columns to help you make the perfect roast turkey and Christmas pudding, recommendations for what to drink, what to do with leftovers, exercise regimes … Continue reading

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Recipe: Caramelle with cheese, spinach, and roast vine tomatoes.

An easy Sunday night supper for you.  All right, I might be a bit out of touch in claiming that an “easy” meal involves making your own filled pasta from scratch, but really, start cutting corners in that department and … Continue reading

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Wine: 2009 Molí dels Capellans Conca di Barberà

When I eat out with others it’s very likely that I will be given the job of choosing the wine (unless I’m dining with fellow wino friends, in which case there is a delicate and lengthy negotiation, resolved in the … Continue reading

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